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May 13, 2020

Shutter Best Screenshot Tool for Linux, Lighshot Alternative

Shutter Best ScreenShot Tool for Linux With Editor. Shutter is the best screen capture linux with image editing capabilities so that you can add text, annotate, even edit the captured image! Because of this we can say that Shutter is better than Lightshot which run only on Mac and Win. Okay buddy, this article will inform how to install Shutter on Linux and its review.

Shutter is the best tool which It's a really handy screen capture application with easy to use plug-ins to give a nice touch to your screenshot and as many other to easily share the files.

This article tested on Linux Mint 20 Ulyana

Shutter Best ScreenShot Tool for Linux With Editor

It offers in-house image editing and special effects (via plug-ins) to enhance the quality of your screenshot. You can access this options via the menu, or the toolbar. Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program for Linux based operating systems such as Linux Mint.

You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website – apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window. Shutter is free, open-source, and licensed under GPL v3.

Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website - apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window.

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How to Install Shutter in Linux

Shutter available in linux repository and will work perfectly if you also install Shutter plugin. Execute these command in Terminal:
sudo apt-get install shutter
sudo apt-get install gnome-web-photo
sudo apt-get install libgoo-canvas-perl
sudo apt-get install libnet-dbus-glib-perl
sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl
sudo apt-get install libgtk2-appindicator-perl
sudo apt-get install libgtk2-trayicon-perl
After installation completed, now you can open Shutter after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Accessories >> Shutter

Install Shutter on Linux Mint 20 Ulyana

Shutter no longer on Ubuntu repository since 18.04, we can install Shutter on Linux Mint using PPA in Terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:linuxuprising/shutter
sudo apt install shutter

You are done!.

Shutter Review as The Best Screenshot Tool in Linux

Shutter is a free linux program which allow you to capture window, whole screen or partial screen then you can edit your image capture within Shutter such as giving arrow, text watermark, shapes, incremental number, cropping and more.

With Shutter, you can also take a picture from single website page completely (tall webpage). To quit Shutter you need to hit Ctrl + Q. Closing Shutter main window will close the program but it still run on your system tray or panel.

March 29, 2020

20 Best Browser for Linux and The Lightweight Browser

List of the best browser for linux mint and ubuntu available here. Starting from the modern lightweight until the old but powerful for surfing the website. There are two major rendering engine for browser running on Linux such as chromium, and gecho.

Gecho is used by Mozilla Firefox, and chromium is used by Google Chrome. This two browser is used widely on Linux System because of stability and fast. Many others website is developed based on this two engine. This article below fill reveal the best browser for Linux that already tested and reviewed for you:

The Best Browser for Linux

The best term has no exact parameter for applications. We call as the best if the software meet the requirement or what we want. For a modern and fast personal computer, all of application is the best because it can run perfectly. But the best term become under best i.e we need the GUI rather than using command. Belows are some browser with reviews many people and our team based on experience we call as the best browser for Linux:

1. Brave Browser

Brave is Chromium based web browser developed by Brave software since 2016 with ability to blocks ads and website trackers, and provides a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators. As of 2019, Brave has been released for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The current version features five search engines by default, including their partner, DuckDuckGo.

More info see here: Review, install Brave on Linux

2. Mozilla Firefox

This browser created on 2002 able to run on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS. It is very popular till now because of its improvement time to time. Firefox suppoerted by many add-on which make our surfing easier and secure, all you need is there, also you can change the them for your firefox as you like.

More info see here: Review, install Firefox on Linux

Best Browser for Linux Mint and Ubuntu

3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome launched since 2008 but it has rumour that this browser spy user browsing habits, so Chrome released its source code in a Chromium project. Chrome gain huge market share in browser because it fast and simple. Google Chrome launches extremely quickly from your desktop for older version but getting harder for new release, it runs applications at speed thanks to a powerful JavaScript engine and loads pages rapidly using the WebKit open source rendering engine.

More info see here: Review, install Google Chrome on Linux

4. Yandex Browser

As an official Yandex product, Yandex Browser is guaranteed a some success. Outside of Russia, it would be improved if links to the Russian Yandex site were internationalized.Built with Chromium, Yandex.Browser is a solid browser that looks modern and is easy to use. It’s ideal for people who use Yandex services.

More info see here: Review, install Yandex on Linux

5. Maxthon Browser

Special for Linux, The Maxthon is made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software. Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform web browser that regularly outperforms other top browsers and offers users a seamless browsing and sharing experience. Maxthon Cloud Browser for Linux is a powerful web browser which has a highly customizable interface.  Maxthon Cloud Browser for Linux brings high performance and seamless browsing along with its core values of speed and a great out of the box experience.

More info see here: Review, install Maxthon on Linux

6. Opera Browser

In 2013 Opera had changed their proprietary rendering engine into Blink Chromium as its core engine, thus this browser shocked browser industry with the release of Opera version 15. To provide the best experience, Opera only focused our initial efforts on what we believe to be the most commonly-used desktop distribution, Ubuntu."

More info see here: Review, install Opera on Linux

7. Vivaldi Browser

The trend for browsers today is simplification. Vivaldi is more about individual design. Every user deserves a browser that adapts to their needs. For now, Vivaldi web browser has the light and the dark theme for Vivaldi, you can add speed dial such as Opera Browser, also you can specify the background image for Vivaldi when it starts.

More info see here: Review, install Vivaldi on Linux

8. Chromium Browser

The browser provides almost the same performance functionality as Chrome. Chromium comes with the same interface as Chrome and also comes with extension and theme support. Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. Thus this source is used by another browser to develop.

More info see here: Review, install Chromium on Linux

9. SlimJet Browser

Slimjet adding more options and settings in Slimjet to make the browser more flexible and customizable. You can tune the browser appearance to your own personal taste or customize it to maximize your own personal productivity. While Slimjet browser add so many additional options and settings, Slimjet add it in a way so that the user interface stays clean and simple. It slogan is ad free surfing.

More info see here: Review, install SlimJet on Linux

10. Colibri Browser

No like other fork of Chromium like browser, the Colibri was developed by the team and designed to have no tab, there are no many tabs support. This is the web browser with a no-tab experience. That's right! Colibri is a browser that doesn't support multiple tabs and only give their user straigh browser, so it feels a light and compact GUI that looks like no other Chromium-based browser.

More info see here: Review, install Colibri on Linux

11. Iron Browser

SRWare Iron, or Iron Browser in 2015 also swithing their code base rendering engine to a Chromium-based web browser developed by the German company SRWare. Iron is such as other Chromium-based browser focusing on user privacy. It comes with a built-in ad blocker, a user-agent switcher.

More info see here: Review, install Iron on Linux

12. Ungoogled Browser

Some user who respect privacy not satisfied with spy rumor on Google Chrome. Thus they create browser named Ungoogled which is also developed using Chromium source project. It has same functionality with Chrome which is mean that you can add extension to this browser directly from the Chrome marketplace.

More info see here: Review, install Ungoogled on Linux

13. Falkon Browser

Falkon is new name for QupZilla which is built using Qt WebEngine. Year 2017, the QupZilla switched to the KDE and changed its name to Falkon browser. This movement makes Falkon developed and maintained under KDE standards. It has built in ad blocker and using duckduckgo as their default search engine. Also it has built in extension that you can use, so you can't add extensions from Chrome or Firefox add-on marketplace.

More info see here: Review, install Falkon on Linux

14. Midori Browser

Midori becomes browser and available in the late 2017. The free and lightweight open source web browser offers private browsing, multi tab support, bookmark manager, ability to handle HTML5 and more. Very lightweight because it consumes less RAM as other browsers do, which make Midori stand apart from other browser.

More info see here: Review, install Midori on Linux

15. Otter Browser

Who knows this browser able to run on Linux, Mac and Windows which aim to recreate aspects of Opera 12.x using Qt framework. It feels like Falkon browser because using the same engine.  The browser loads an interface that replicates classic Opera to a degree. It features the traditional status bar with its zoom slider and options, and a sidebar panel to list items such as bookmarks, RSS feeds, or downloads.

More info see here: Review, install Otter on Linux

16. Gnome Web Browser

Gnome Web formerly called with Epiphany until 2012. It is a web browser for GNOME, featuring tight integration with the desktop and a simple and intuitive user interface that allows us to focus on the web pages. Gnome Web using Gecko layout engine but switched to WebKitGTK.

More info see here: Review, install Gnome Web on Linux

17. NetSurf Browser

NetSurf is uses its own layout engine with cross platform ability and offers the lightweightness and portable. NetSurf provides features including tabbed browsing, bookmarks and page thumbnailing. NetSurf is suitable for old computer because it consume less RAM and stable enough.

More info see here: Review, install Netsurf on Linux

18. Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python, Qt and PyQt. QtWebEngine is based on Google’s Chromium. While Qt only updates to a new Chromium release on every minor Qt release (all ~6 months), every patch release backports security fixes from newer Chromium versions.

More info see here: Review, install Qutebrowser on Linux

19. Lynx Browser

Lynx browser is a customizable text-based web browser for Linux using cursor-addressable character cell terminals. As of November 2019, it is the oldest web browser still in general use and active development, having started in 1992. Suitable for you who want surf the website from Terminal, save your internet bandwith quota and feel the speedyness.

More info see here: Review, install Lynx on Linux

20. ELinks Browser

This web browser program for Linux to open website on Terminal is quiet good and very fast because it is load text only. No multimedia or picture will be loaded by default. Installation process also simple because of small installer size. ELinks can render both frames and tables, is highly customizable and can be extended via Lua or Guile scripts. It is quite portable and runs on many platforms including Linux operating system from Terminal.

More info see here: Review, install ELinks on Linux

Chromium Based Linux Browser

Chromium is an open-source browser project which aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web. There are several browser application in Linux outside developed using Chromium rendering engine, we have tested the browsers and recommend these: Brave, Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Opera,

Gecho Based Linux Browser

Gecko is the popular rendering engine used by Mozilla foundation Corporation's web browser products i.e Seamonkey and Firefox. Gecko includes an application-layer language based on web technologies called XUL which can be used for cross-platform GUI development (and is employed in Firefox, Thunderbird, and add-ons for both).

Gecko engine start used at Netscape browser. The Mozilla foundation was spun off from Netscape, and proceeded to develop Gecko for the Mozilla suite, now known as SeaMonkey. Firefox (originally Phoenix, then Firebird) was built as a lightweight Gecko browser without non-browser-related functionality in the Mozilla suite, and with a defined extension API for adding features.

Command Line Browser for Linux

You can also surf the website using Terminal using executable command line. It is very lightweight and super fast since it only loads text based. For you who need to read the article only not image this browser in Terminal is suitable for you. So you choose Gecko or Chromium based it is your choice, we recommend from number one is Brave for your browser then followed by Firefox.

February 21, 2020

Best Camtasia Studio for Linux Alternative Open Source

Best Camtasia Studio for Linux Alternative Open Source FREE. If you are familiar with Windows 7 there is a program called Camastia Studio, which can you use to edit videos, record video. This will show you the best Camtasia equivalent software for linux.

Best Camtasia Studio for Linux Alternative Open Source

Camtasia Studio wont work in Linux even you are using Wine to install. Let's see basic function of Camtasia Studio as video recording anf video editing as follow:
  1. Cutting video
  2. Adding text to the video
  3. Zoom while the video is recording and playing
  4. Transitions are available when editing video
Okay I will be a linux software consultant here. as I see now, Camtasia is a tool for creating video tutorials. If you are searching for something like this you might try Simple Screen Recorder for Linux. SimpleScreenRecorder makes video from desktop, you can also record microphone and speakers, it is also able to zoom video when you do a desktop recording (following the cursor). Thus point 3 and 4 solved!

Now, for cutting video and adding text to your can use OpenShot, Kdenlove or others video editor software for linux.I would recommend "Openshot" for video editing because it is very easy for beginner and easy to understand. Thus answer point 1 and 2 and all problem solved!

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How to Install Camtasia Studio Alternative in Linux

There are two points of software to install, first SimpleScreenRecorder and second Openshot.

How to Install SimpleScreenRecorder

Open your Terminal and type these linux command to install SimpleScreenRecorder and adding PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

How to Install OpenShot + Plugin

You should use plugin to meet perfection for editing video, open your Terminal and execute these command to install OpenShot and its plugin completely:
sudo apt-get install openshot
sudo apt-get install frei0r-plugins
Now you can open OpenShot after install from Start/Menu >> Sound & Video >> OpenShot Video Editor

January 31, 2020

3 BEST FREE Desktop Publishing Software For Linux 2020

3 BEST FREE Desktop Publishing Software For Linux 2020. Desktop publishing related to graphic design, for now in Linux has 3 software to design flyer, brochure, banner, magazine, and many more. This is the best desktop publishing software in linux which is available for free because it is open source!

3 BEST FREE Desktop Publishing Software For Linux 2020

1. Scribus

Scribus can be used to create magazine, books, newspaper, design flyers and brochures also things related to words in paper. Scribus is the best toll which available for free as an alternative to Adobe InDesign.

Further more, Scribus provide templates that can help you design easier and easier designed for flexible layout and typesetting and the ability to prepare files for professional quality image setting equipment. It can also create animated and interactive PDF presentations and forms.

How to install Scribus, Scribus template and its review Read Here!

2. Inkscape

Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery, Inkscape is for you! With Inkscape, you can make object creation vector based. You can also make Object manipulation such as transforming, grouping, fill and stroke object, converting to path of an object.

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Inkscape supports exporting file to SVG, PNG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, sk1, PDF, EPS and PostScript export formats and more. This is the best Linux equivalent software to Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Further more, Inkscape can be installed on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Read more abour Inkscape how to install Inkscape Click Here!


This Photoshop compatible linux  is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

GIMP is Photoshop for linux mint which can be downloaded for Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Photoshop for linux alternative, GIMP available for a variety of operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Further information about GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) Click Here!

That are 3 the BEST FREE Desktop Publishing Software For Linux 2020. We will update later if there any other best Linux desktop publishing toll for free!

January 30, 2020

GNU PSPP - The Equivalent SPSS for Linux FREE + Review

GNU PSPP - The Equivalent SPSS for Linux FREE + Review. PSPP is statistical analysis tool an accounting application for linux. This will explain what is PSPP, review of PSPP and how to install PSPP in Linux Mint.

Need a software like SPSS in Linux? You can use GNU PSPP instead of SPSS in Linux to help your statistical work correlated to statistics, T-tests, anova, linear and logistic regression, measures of association, cluster analysis, reliability and factor analysis, non-parametric tests and more.

GNU PSPP - The Equivalent SPSS for Linux FREE

GNU PSPP is a Linux application for statistical analysis of sampled data that have same functionalities to SPSS. It is a Free replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very similar to it with a few exceptions.

The most important of these exceptions are, that there are no “time bombs”; your copy of PSPP will not “expire” or deliberately stop working in the future. Neither are there any artificial limits on the number of cases or variables which you can use. There are no additional packages to purchase in order to get “advanced” functions; all functionality that PSPP currently supports is in the core package.

GNU PSPP is a stable and reliable application. It can perform descriptive statistics, T-tests, anova, linear and logistic regression, measures of association, cluster analysis, reliability and factor analysis, non-parametric tests and more. Its backend is designed to perform its analyses as fast as possible, regardless of the size of the input data. You can use PSPP with its graphical interface or the more.

spss alternative for linux spss equivalent for linux spss alternative for ubuntu spss for linux download spss for linux free download spss for linux free spss for linux install spss equivalent in linux spss alternative in ubuntu spss for linux mint spss for linux ubuntuGNU PSPP - The Equivalent SPSS for Linux FREE + Review  accounting software in linux accounting package in linux free accounting software in linux accounting software linux ubuntu accounting software linux open source accounting software linux mint accounting software linux free accounting software for linux accounting software for linux ubuntu accounting software for linux open source accounting software for linux mint accounting packages for linux accounting app for linux

Review GNU PSPP ~ The SPSS Replacement for Linux

For statistical task, PSPP is the best alternative for SPSS and it is free. You can perform any statistical test such as Annova, T-test, regression and more. This Linux software is recommended for accountants.

How to Instal GNU PSPP (SPSS Alternarive in Linux)

Follow these steps to install GNU PSPP in Linux Mint or Ubuntu:
  1. Open your Terminal
  2. Type sudo apt-get install pspp
  3. Hit enter and type your password if prompted
  4. Wait until finished
You can open GNU PSPP after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Education >> GNU PSPP

PSPP is under continual improvement. You can get development versions if you are interested to see what the developers are working on. However, please be aware that these may not have been fully tested and may not be entirely free of bugs.

January 19, 2020

How to Install GNU Cash Accounting Software on Linux

How to Install GNU Cash Accounting Software on Linux Mint easily. GNU Cash is an alternative for Home Bank the accounting program on Linux. Here you will wee the way to install GNU Cash and review about it.

Gnucash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software application, easily certified under the GNU GPL and readily available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.Designed to be simple

to utilize, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash permits you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As fast and user-friendly to use as a checkbook register, it is based upon expert accounting concepts to guarantee balanced books and precise reports.

GNU Cash Main Features

Below are general features of GNU Cash, you can find GNU Cash explanation features from here.
  1. Double-Entry Accounting
  2. Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts
  3. Small-Business Accounting
  4. Reports, Graphs
  5. QIF/OFX/HBCI Import, Transaction Matching
  6. Scheduled Transactions
  7. Financial Calculations

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How to Install GNU Cash on Linux

The GNU Cash accounting software for Linux is available on Software Center. So you need to open Software Manager by clicking Start Menu >> Administration >> Software Manager.

Then type gnu cash, if you see a result then double click the GNU Cash then click install button.

Another way to install GNU Cash is using Terminal. Open your Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T at the same time. Then type these command:
sudo apt-get install gnucash

GNU Cash Review- The Accounting Software for Linux

GnuCash does not enforce any particular file naming convention or extension. However, the following extensions are described in the "shared-mime-info" package used by almost every distro and desktop environment to associate applications with files. Naming your datafile with one of these extensions will allow the gnucash to be opened when a file is seen and activated in a file browser.
  • .xac (short for "X-Accountant", the predecessor of GnuCash), still in use for your backup files,
  • .gnc (the "internal" three-letter-abbreviation of GnuCash)
  • .gnucash (recommended and the only one that works on Windows)
Although users with a strong grasp of monetary management basics will get the most from this freeware program, GnuCash proved to be a capable tool for individual and little business accounting.This freeware program

\'s interface is bland but effective, and emerges in a method that will be familiar to users who do their banking online. Numerous holdings (anything from inspecting accounts, to CDs, stocks and other form of investment )are listed in a tree along the left side. Choosing an entry shows additional details in a larger pane. At the top of the screen are various commands for actions, credit reports and tools.

We discovered it an easy process to view spending credit reports, integrate checking accounts, and other tasks.Despite the general simplicity of using the program, the large variety of terms and actions may need a dictionary for some individuals. Fortunately, GnuCash has an exceptional tutorial that details not just the program, but likewise financial terms also. And amateur users will appreciate the wizard that strolls you through the setup process.

December 4, 2019

TeamViewer Best Online Meeting Software Linux +Remote

TeamViewer The Best Online Meeting Software Linux with remote support. TeamViewer is the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings which can run on many platform include Linux, Mac, and Windows.

TeamViewer Best Online Meeting Software Linux +Remote

So if your partner using different operating system it doesn't matter. With TeamViewer you can do a remote control any computer over the internet within seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. This is why TeamViewer has been activated on more than a billion devices.

TeamViewer is ready to use, right after downloading! Download, execute, and get started! - Your first session will start in less than a minute. Commercial users are welcome to use these downloads for trial purposes. TeamViewer is free for all non-commercial users!

How to Install TeamViewer on Linux Mint

For installing TeamViewer for Linux, we recommend using the graphical installer. The graphical installer can be invoked by (double) clicking the downloaded package.

If this is not the case and, e.g. the Archive Manager opens up, open the context menu instead (right-click on the downloaded package). Depending on your distribution you will get different possibilities to install the package, e.g. “Open with software installation”, “Open with GDebi package installer”, “Open with Ubuntu Software Center”, or “Open with> QApt package installer”.

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On newer 64-bit DEB-systems with Multiarch-support (Debian 7) teamviewer_linux_x64.deb cannot be installed because the package ia32-libs is not available anymore on these systems. In this case you can use teamviewer_i386.deb instead.
Choose the deb suffix installer, so you can install it by double clicking the downloaded file and select "Install Package". Done now you can open TeamViewer after install by clicking Start Menu >> Internet >> Team Viewer 11

Setting TeamViewer Not to Open When Linux Start

If you don't want TeamViewer not running when your computer start, you can configure the preference program through TeamViewe Menu: Extras >> General >> uncheck the "Start TeamViewer with system" and Done!

If you close TeamViewer it still remain on your panel task bar, to quit TeamViewer simply from the Panel bar of your Linux: right click on TeamViewer icon and select Exit TeamViewer.

Online Meeting and Online Presentation Software for Linux

Using the "Meetings" feature in your TeamViewer account, you can maintain an overview of all your scheduled meetings. With this TeamViewer Meeting facilities you can:
  1. Online Meetings – have up to 25 participants
  2. Online Presentation – boost your sales potential
  3. Training Session – cut costs by conducting training online
  4. Online Teamwork – collaborate online on documents in real-time

Remote Support and Remote Access Software for Linux

TeamViewer also support for remoting another computer worldwide over Internet. Add colleagues and business partners to your TeamViewer Contact List. You can see their online status at any time and start screen sharing with them instantly with a mouse click. With this features you can:
  1. Remote Support – no need for any installation on the client side
  2. Remote Administration – 24/7 access to remote computers and servers
  3. Remote Access – access your data and applications – anytime, anywhere
  4. Home Office – access your office computer from home

December 1, 2019

PeaZIP Linux Archiver Program Equivalent to Winrar WinZip

PeaZIP Linux Archiver Program Equivalent to Winrar WinZip! This is free alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar software utilities. This is an open source to unrar or unzip archived files for Linux. How to extract or open 7Z BZ2 GZ ISO RAR TAR ZIP ZIPX file on Linux?. Simply you can open that file type using Linux software called PeaZip.

PeaZIP Linux Archiver Program Equivalent to Winrar WinZip

The PeaZip is a Linux program which is equivalent to WinRAR or WinZip on Windows. For Linux user you can use PeaZip or Archive Manager to handle archived file type.

PeaZip is a free archiver and file manager utility, based on solid and proven Open Source technology of 7-Zip and other great Open Source tools (like FreeARC, PAQ, UPX...) for supporting additional file formats and features, in order to provide an all purpose zip utility featuring a powerful unified GUI that, unlike most of other classic file archivers like i.e. WinZip and WinRar, is natively portable and cross-platform, being available for computers or tablets running 32 bit and 64 bit Windows (9x, NT/2K/XP, Vista/7/8/10, ReactOS), Linux or BSD x86 and x86-64 (desktop neutral application, supports Gnome, KDE and other desktop environments).

PeaZip is free software, under Open Source license LGPLv3, and it is free of charge for any use (personal and professional, business or governament), modification, and distribution, without "expiration date" or "trial" limitations.

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Full support: 7z, FreeArc's arc/wrc, sfx (7z and arc), bz2, gz, paq/lpaq/zpaq, pea, quad/balz/bcm, split, tar, upx, wim, zip

Which File Type Can Be Opened by PeaZip ?

PeaZip support 150+ type of compressed file type. How to open these file on Linux, PeaZip is the answer: 7z,  Google Android's apk, bz, bz2, bzip2, tbz2, tbz, gz, gzip, tgz, tpz, tar, zip, zipx, z01, smzip, arj, cab, chm, chi, chq, chw, hxs, hxi, hxr, hxq, hxw, lit, cpio, deb, lzh, lha, rar, r01, 00, rpm, z, taz, tz, iso, Java (jar, ear, war), pet, pup, pak, pk3, pk4, slp, [Content], xpi, wim, u3p, lzma86, lzma, udf, xar, Apple's dmg, hfs, part1, split, swm, tpz, kmz, xz, txz, vhd, mslz, apm, mbr, fat, ntfs, exe, dll, sys, msi, msp, Open Office / Libre Office (ods, ots, odm, oth, oxt, odb, odf, odg, otg, odp, otp, odt, ott), gnm, Microsoft Office (doc, dot, xls, xlt, ppt, pps, pot, docx, dotx, xlsx, xltx), Flash (swf, flv), quad, balz, bcm, zpaq, paq8f, paq8jd, paq8l, paq8o, lpaq1, lpaq5, lpaq8, ace, arc, wrc, 001, pea, cbz, cbr, cba, cb7, cbt (and more...)

How to Install PeaZip, A Linux Program to Create and Unpack Archive

You can install PeaZip by installing it manually because it is not available in Software Center in Linux Mint. Follow these steps to install:
  1. Download PeaZip installer from its official website, click here (file is deb suffix)
  2. Double click downloaded file to install, and click "Install package" button to start installation
  3. Wait until installation completed! Now you can open PeaZip from Start Menu >> Administration >> PeaZip

PeaZip Review as WinZip WinRAR Alternative

PeaZip also become alternative for Linux. The pros for PeaZip is the user interface looks so good but it is slower than File Roller Archive Manager.

Dou you have any favorite apps to open rar, tar, gz or zip file in Linux Mint? Please tell using comment box that we have provided below!