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February 21, 2020

Best Camtasia Studio for Linux Alternative Open Source

Best Camtasia Studio for Linux Alternative Open Source FREE. If you are familiar with Windows 7 there is a program called Camastia Studio, which can you use to edit videos, record video. This will show you the best Camtasia equivalent software for linux.

Best Camtasia Studio for Linux Alternative Open Source

Camtasia Studio wont work in Linux even you are using Wine to install. Let's see basic function of Camtasia Studio as video recording anf video editing as follow:
  1. Cutting video
  2. Adding text to the video
  3. Zoom while the video is recording and playing
  4. Transitions are available when editing video
Okay I will be a linux software consultant here. as I see now, Camtasia is a tool for creating video tutorials. If you are searching for something like this you might try Simple Screen Recorder for Linux. SimpleScreenRecorder makes video from desktop, you can also record microphone and speakers, it is also able to zoom video when you do a desktop recording (following the cursor). Thus point 3 and 4 solved!

Now, for cutting video and adding text to your can use OpenShot, Kdenlove or others video editor software for linux.I would recommend "Openshot" for video editing because it is very easy for beginner and easy to understand. Thus answer point 1 and 2 and all problem solved!

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How to Install Camtasia Studio Alternative in Linux

There are two points of software to install, first SimpleScreenRecorder and second Openshot.

How to Install SimpleScreenRecorder

Open your Terminal and type these linux command to install SimpleScreenRecorder and adding PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

How to Install OpenShot + Plugin

You should use plugin to meet perfection for editing video, open your Terminal and execute these command to install OpenShot and its plugin completely:
sudo apt-get install openshot
sudo apt-get install frei0r-plugins
Now you can open OpenShot after install from Start/Menu >> Sound & Video >> OpenShot Video Editor

December 19, 2015

SubDownloader Apps to Download Movie Subtitle on Linux

SubDownloader - Fast and Easy Subtitle Downloader for Linux. SubDownloader the Application to Download Movie Subtitle on Linux and Windows. Have many video and don't have the subtitle? Download your film subtitle using this Linux software, here will be explained how to install Sub Downloader and review about it.

SubDownloader to Download Movie Subtitle on Linux

SubDownloader is a tool to automatically download/upload subtitles for video files (divx, mpeg, avi, mkv, mp4, etc.) and dvds using fast hashing.

Finding subtitles for your movies/series has never been so easy. Forget searching by title, just ONE CLICK over the folder or file and it will find subtitles automatically for you. That simple.

Sub Downloader Main Features:

  1. Fast hashing algorithm (27 GB movies/7 seconds)
  2. Recursively folders search
  3. Autodetect language of the subtitles
  4. Upload entire series seasons subtitles in less than 1 minute This package contains the GUI front-end, common files and a cli interface.
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How to Install SubDownloader on Linux

SubDownloader can be installed from Software Center, open your Software Manager by clicking Start Menu >> Administration >> Software Manager.

Seach for SubDownloader, after finding it double click then install.

Wait until installation completed! Now you can open SubDownloader by clicking Start Menu >> Audi & Video >> SubDownloader

SubDownloader Review to Download Moview Subtitle on Linux

SubDownloader is the best subtitle downloader for Linux which can search many subtitle from Open Subtitle website.

First you need to login to access thousands movie subtitle. Then you can download or upload the subtitle easily.

Install Audacious MP3 Player With Winamp Skin on Linux

Ways to Install Audacious MP3 Player With Winamp Skin on Linux Mint. Audacious is the best equivalent program to Winamp to play music files. This article will guide you how to install Audacious on Linux also install Winamp skin on Audacious.

What is Audacious Media Player ?

Audacious is an advanced media player which can play many supported audio files. A descendant of XMMS, Audacious plays your music how you desire it, without stealing away your computer system \'s resources from other jobs.

Audacious support drag and drop folders and individual song files, look for artists and cds in your whole music library, or develop and customize your personal custom-made playlists. Pay attention to CD's or stream music from the Internet. Customize the sound with the visual equalizer or experiment with LADSPA impacts.

Enjoy the contemporary GTK-themed user interface or modify things up with Winamp Classic skins. Make use of the plugins consisted of with Adventurous to bring lyrics for your music, to set an alarm in the early morning, and more.

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How to Install Audacious on Linux Mint

Fortunately, the Audacious audio player is available at the Software Center so you can Open your Terminal (press Ctrl + Alt + T) then type command below:
sudo apt-get install audacious
Now you can open Audacious after install by clicking Start Menu >> Audio & Video >> Audacious
Also you can run Audacious from the Sound icon on the Linux Panel.
Audacious have two interface: GTK and Winamp classic.
Please note that you will see an Audacious native window which is using GTK interface like this:

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How to Activate Winamp Classic Skin on Audacious

If you want to activate Winamp classic skin for Audacious, you have to click Audacious menu: View >> Interface >> Winamp Classic Interface, and you will see an Audacious default window for Winamp classic like this:
How to Activate Winamp Classic Skin on Audacious

To revert back the Audacious theme into GTK Interface: click on the "a" for Audacious symbol (see top corner Audacious window) then you will see View menu, select Interface, continue with choosing GTK Interface.

How to Install Winamp Skin to Audacious on Linux

You can use Winamp plugin also Winamp skin to be installed on Audacious so the Winamp looks and effect can be functioned well on Audacious. Here you will be guided for how to install Winamp skin on Audacious, follow these steps:
  1. Close Audacious if running
  2. Copy or download any Winamp skin, for this tutorial you can download Winamp skin here.
  3. Extract downloaded file, and you will see a folder called winamp_standar
  4. Open your file manager (Nemo) as root! Do that by opening your Terminal and type sudo nemo, then enter your password. You will see file manager with red line "Elevated Privileges"
  5. Go to this path: /usr/share/audacious/Skins
  6. Copy winamp_standar folder into that path. Next step you need to configure Audacious theme
  7. Open Audacious, go to View >> Interface >> Winamp Classic Interface
  8. Continue with View >> Interface Preferences
  9. Choose the Winamp Standard, then click Close button. See picture below

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Now you have your Winamp on Linux natively after practicing this tutorial about Ways to Install Audacious MP3 Player With Winamp Skin on Linux.

December 13, 2015

LMMS Alternative to FLStudio on Linux as Music Creator

LMMS Alternative to FL Studio on Linux as Music Creator Software, the best software for music composer. If you are a music composer and using Linux you can install LMMS the open source digital audio workstation for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

LMMS Free Music Production Software on Linux

What is LMMS? LMMS is a sound generation system, synthesizer, beat/baseline editor and MIDI control system which can power an entire home studio. Sounds and tones can be generated, played and artfully arranged to create entire tracks easily, giving you the opportunity to create music from beginning to end.

LMMS is the tools to create the sounds, arrange the sounds and rhythms to create tracks, layer the tracks to create songs, and then save the songs to an output format are all there, ready for you to use. LMMS can also connect to your MIDI keyboard, allowing you to play music live on Linux.

LMMS seems the best Linux software which equivalent to Apple's Garage Band, FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops), Logic Studio, Beat Machine Pro and similar powerful audio tools. In terms of capability, LMMS easily matches the lower to middle-tier professional tools available, making it a great introduction to audio production which is constantly developing.

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How to Install LMMS on Linux

Let's make music with a free, cross-platform tool for your computer! Here is the way to install LMMS on Linux Mint or Ubuntu, follow these steps:
  1. Install LMMS from Sofware Center using Software Manager by clicking Start Menu >> Administration >> Software Manager, then type lmms... select on it the click the "Install" button
  2. Wait until installation completed! Now you can open LMMS after install by clicking Start Menu >> 
  3. Or Install by using Linux Terminal by executing these command:
sudo apt-get install lmms

LMSS Music Composer Features

Effects Mixing

  • Drop-in LADSPA plug-in support
  • Drop-in VST ® effect plug-in support (Linux and Windows)
  • Built-in compressor, limiter, delay, reverb, distortion, EQ, bass-enhancer
  • Bundled graphic and parametric equalizers
  • Built-in visualization/spectrum analyser

Core Functionality

  • Sequence, compose, mix and automate songs in one simple interface
  • Note playback via MIDI or typing keyboard
  • Consolidate instrument tracks using Beat+Bassline Editor
  • Fine tune patterns, notes, chords and melodies using Piano Roll Editor
  • Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
  • Import of MIDI files, Hydrogen project files and FL Studio ® project files

Musical Instruments

  • Built-in 32-bit VST instrument support
  • Built-in 64-bit VST instrument support with 32-bit VST bridge (64-bit Windows)
  • Roland ® TB-303 style monophonic bass synthesizer
  • Embedded ZynAddSubFx: Polyphonic, mutlitimbral, microtonal, multi-voice additive, subtractive and pad synthesis all in one powerful plugin
  • Native Commodore 64 ® SID microchip/instrument emulation
  • Native SoundFont ® support (SF2), the industry standard for high quality instrument patches and banks
  • Nintendo ®, GameBoy ® and game sound effect emulation
  • 2 built-in oscillator-based synthesizers
  • 2 built-in wavetable-based synthesizers
  • Gravis UltraSound ® GUS Patch support

December 7, 2015

How to Record Radio Streaming on Linux w/ Audio Recorder

How to Record Radio Streaming on Linux With Audio Recorder. Linux has many appropriate software for audio recording tool, today we will show you how to use Audio Recorder program on Linux to record streaming on radio. Have a try the light and simple radio streaming program, Radio Tray.

Audio Recorder is a free audio-recorder for Linux operating system. With this Linux Audio Recorder program you can record your favourite music and audio to a file. It can record audio from your system's sound card, mic/ microphones, browsers, webcams & more.

Put simply; if it plays out of your loudspeakers you can record it.

Audio Recorder Linux Program Features

It has an advanced timer that can:
  1. Start, stop or pause recording at a given clock time.
  2. Start, stop or pause after a time period.
  3. Stop when the recorded file size exceeds a limit.
  4. Start recording on voice or sound (user can set the audio threshold).
  5. Stop or pause recording on "silence" (user can set the audio threshold and delay).
  6. The recording can be automatically controlled by MPRIS2-compatible media players.
  7. Skype. It can also record all your Skype calls without any user interaction.
  8. This program supports several audio (output) formats such as OGG audio, Flac, MP3 and WAV.
  9. This allows you to select a recording device; microphone, webcam, audio card output (loudspeakers), etc.
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How to Install Audio Recorder Software on Linux

You need to add PPA from your Linux Terminal and type the following command.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:osmoma/audio-recorder
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install audio-recorder
Wait until installation completed. You can open Audio Recorder program after install by clicking Start Menu >> Sound & Video >> Audio Recorder.

How to Record the Radio Streaming on Linux

Here is the way to record an audio from radio streaming program.
  1. Open your radio streaming program, play your favourite channel
  2. Second, open your Audio Recorder program then start recording by clicking "Start recording" button. This button will become "Stop recording" button to stop and save your recording. That is easy to use audio recorder.
  3. Open the Audio folder located at your home folder to see the result
Audio threshold is supported by this program, which can record audio on sound/voice and stop/pause when silence (user can set up threshold and delay as per requirements). Additionally you can setup an timer manually within the audio recorder program to schedule recordings and the program will start/stop/pause recording at given time.

Here is Some Audio Recorder Short Cut for Easy Task

You can use these keys to control the recorder (when its window is active).
Cntr + R: Start recording.
Cntr + P: Pause recording.
Cntr + X: Stop recording.
Cntr + S: Save timer commands/text.

December 1, 2015

Convert Any Video Format in Linux With ARISTA Transcoder

Convert Any Video Format in Linux With Arista Transcoder. Arista Transcoder is the best and most excellent video Converter for Linux Mint which provide easiest way to convert your video to another video format without digging into setting and any other configurations.

Arista is a linux program that equivalent to Xilisoft Converter in Windows. Arista Transcoder also competite with WinFF. But since WinFF taking longer time in conversion, we recommend you using Arista Transcoder.

Convert Any Video in Linux With Arista Transcoder

To work with the program is very simple. First choose the source file you want to convert. Next you need to specify the device you want to convert the video (use a ready-made preset) or ask your own settings.

Arista Transcoder has a set of pre-defined presets, with which you can convert videos for playback on Android, iPad, iPhone, DVD player, PSP and other devices. On the official website of the program you can download additional presets

How to Install Arista Transcoder in Linux Mint

Installation latest version into Linux Mint 13/14/15/16/17/17.1/17.2:
sudo apt-get install arista
After install completed, Now you can open Arista Transcode after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Sound & Video >> Arista Transcoder

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Arista Transcoder Review - The Best Video Converter for Linux Mint

Arista Transcoder provides easiest way to convert your video data. The audio supported format such as AAC, Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, Speex, and WAV.

Video supported by Arista Transcoder are H.264, VP8, MPEG4 / DivX, MPEG2, Theora, Flash Video, Formats, MP4, WebM, Matroska, AVI, Ogg, FLV.

Supported audio and video file makes Arista Transcoder become the best video converted for Linux Mint. Besides of that, you can directly convert your video by using preset Supported by Ariasta Transcoder below:
  1.  Android Phone, Presets for all known Android phones
  2.  Apple AppleTV, H.264/AAC in MP4 for AppleTV
  3.  Apple iPad, H.264/AAC for Apple iPad
  4.  Apple iPhone / iPod, H.264/AAC for Apple iPod / iPhone
  5.  Archos 3 Vision, Xvid + MP3 for archos
  6.  Archos 5 Internet Tablet, H.264/AAC for A5IT
  7.  Blackberry, H.264/AAC in MP4 for blackberry
  8.  Blackberry 8520, MPEG-4/MP3
  9.  Computer, H.264/AAC or Theora/Vorbis for the computer
  10.  Computer (Advanced), H.264/AAC or Theora/Vorbis for the computer
  11.  Cowon D2, MPEG4 for the touchscreen Cowon D2
  12.  Cowon S9, Cowon S9 Audio/Video Player
  13.  Creative ZEN, MPEG4 in AVI for your Creative ZEN
  14.  DVD Player, DivX or MPEG2 for DVD players
  15.  DVD Player SVCD, Super Video CD for DVD Player
  16.  HTC Desire, dobrajakos
  17.  HTC Touch (Elf), avi
  18.  LG GS290, MPEG4 for LG GS290 mobile phone
  19.  Netbook, Optimized media for netbooks and small laptops
  20.  Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii WiiMC
  21.  Nokia 5230, 5530, 5800, MPEG4/AAC in MP4 for Nokia 5xxx
  22.  Nokia N Series, Presets for Nokia N Series devices
  23.  Nokia N97, MPEG4 Video with AAC Audio
  24.  Nokia S60v3 5320, H264 320x240/AAC 128
  25.  PDA Generic, MPEG4 in AVI for your PDA
  26.  Palm Pre/Pre Plus, H.264/AAC in MP4 for Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus
  27.  Samsung F-480, H.264/AAC for Samsung F480 TouchWiz
  28.  Samsung Galaxy Tab, H.264/AAC in MP4 for Galaxy Tab
  29.  Samsung Jet S8000, H264+AAC for Samsung Jet S8000
  30.  Sony Ericsson K850i, MP4 Sony Ericsson 320x240
  31.  Sony Ericsson Naite, MP4 for Sony Ericsson
  32.  Sony Ericsson Vivaz, H.264 for Vivaz
  33.  Sony Ericsson W995, Mpeg4/AAC in MP4 for SE W995
  34.  Sony NWZ-818, H.264/AAC for Sony NWZ-818
  35.  Sony PSP, H.264/AAC for Playstation portable
  36.  Sony Playstation 3, H.264/AAC for Playstation 3
  37.  Sony Xperia, MP4 for the Xperia x10
  38.  Vimeo Plus, H.264/AAC in MP4 for Vimeo HD
  39.  Web Browser, Media for World Wide Web
  40.  Web Browser (Advanced), Media for World Wide Web
  41.  XBMC Xbox, Xvid + MP3 for XBMC for Xbox
  42.  YouTube, Convert your videos for Youtube HD

WinFF, Best Video Converter for Linux Free Download

WinFF, Best Video Converter for Linux Free Download. WinFF is a GUI for avconv, the best video and audio converter for Linux. Here will be explained for how to install WinFF and WinFF review as an all video converter linux.

WinFF, Best Video Converter for Linux Free Download

For Windows, you maybe know Xilisoft Video Converter, but for Linux it will become WinFF the best audio and video converter for Linux and Windows also. WinFF is open source and cross platform written in Free Pascal and Lazarus. WinFF is published under the GNU public license v3. WinFF is published without any warranty or suitability for any purpose.

How to Install WinFF Linux Video Converter

Winff is included in Ubuntu. Just search for it in your favorite package manager and install from there. WinFF also can be installed from Terminal by executing these command:
sudo apt-get install winff

WinFF Review - Free Audio Video Converter for Linux

WinFF is the Linux and Windows version of one of the most popular video converters on Linux. With WinFF you can covert video files into several different video formats including Xvid and WMV.

WinFF has a basic GUI with a multitude of options and functionalities that will help you select the videos you need, previsualize them and define the format of the conversion. In addition, there are other specialised options such as the ability to change the ratio of the conversion, the resolution or the quality of the audio track.

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Although WinFF is a fairly stable converter, it does struggle with long names especially those with unusual characters. To avoid problem, I advise you simply all of the names of the files that you want to convert. Otherwise, you might find that the program simply rejects the files for no apparent reason.

Since there is better audio video converter for Linux called Aristra Transcoder, we recommend Arista Transcoder for converting various multimedia conversion in Linux. See install and detail here:

How to Convert Video in Linux Using WinFF

For example you want your video can be played on CD DVD player, so you have to convert it first.
You will need to convert the videos to a format that your DVD recorder / player can recognize.
  1. Open WinFF by clicking Start/Menu >> Audio & Video >> WinFF
  2. After window appear, Click on Add
  3. Select your Video
  4. On Output Details, Select the Preset your recorder supports from the drop down menu labeled "Convert to" and the preset type.
  5. Enter the output Folder, as an example use /home/Desktop
  6. Click on Convert, this process should take some time, depending on the video length and other factors.
  7. After the video has been converted , you can then burn them to your CD/DVD with K3B to play them