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July 1, 2020

youtube-dl Facebook Youtube Video Downloader for Linux

How to download Facebook and Youtube video on linux? One of the popular Youtube downloader for Linux Mint and Ubuntu is youtube-dl . It runs on Terminal so it is very light weight and easy to use.

Because of its amazingness to handle video download process, youtube-dl many integrated in other application and can run under Windows and Mac too.

Best Video Downloader for Linux

With this software you can download audio and video in any format only using Terminal, The sofware called youtube-dl . By using URL of the Youtube video or other site video URL you can download them easily. One of the best features of this apps is that will help you decide and choose the best video quality in case multiple options are available.

Estimating Video Size Using youtube-dl

You can try this command to know the estimated download size of the video : youtube-dl -F URL

For example you can run:

youtube-dl -F

The output is:
youtube-dl the best video downloader for linux

From the picture above, this app give estimated size when you choose a video format. When you not select the format you will get the best available format from the video you will download.

We will you the usage of the format code above. Say you want to download the video as mp4 with 1280x720 resolution and 950k (see line 3 from bottom), it has format code as 136, then you have to download using command as below:

youtube-dl -f 136

Also when you want to download the audio m4a (see format code 140) then you have to execute these command on Terminal:

youtube-dl -f 140

How to Install youtube-dl

As the best tool to download youtube video, youtube-dl is available in the repository so that you can install it directy from your Terminal by executing these:

sudo apt install youtube-dl

Insert your Linux login password when needed, wait installation process and youtube-dl is ready to go.

How to Use youtube-dl

The youtube-dl has a manual page that you can read and practice. For me it is enough to download Youtube and Facebook video by executing command with format:

youtube-dl URL

Or download multiple video simply add the URL twice, the format become like this:

youtube-dl URL URL

Change the URL by using video URL Youtube or Facebook, for example:


Download Youtube with Subtitle with youtube-dl

This application packed with capability to download the youtube subtitle if the subtitle is available on the video. To do so you can add parameter when downloading as follow:

youtube-dl --write-description --write-info-json --write-annotations --write-sub --write-thumbnail URL

Just something like that and it will download the video best available, you need not to set the video format first.

How to Update youtube-dl

If you installed youtube-dl from repository then you will receive update from the system update or update manager. Please note that distribution packages are often outdated, so when needed you may install the update by hour hand directly without waiting the repository to update. For youtube-dl update you can check their website and check your installed version then compare to website version.

To check version installed simply execute youtube-dl --version
This will return the installed version such as 2020.03.24

The mechanism to update you need to uninstall it, download latest version from the official website, then reinstall again. In short, below command will do the task:

sudo apt remove youtube-dl

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

hash -r

sudo youtube-dl -U

youtube-dl Review

ClipGrab also a software to download youtube on Linux, but we prefer using youtube-dl because it is very simple and can resume download when connection fail or you interupt the download process. By default youtube-dl tries to download the best available quality, i.e. if you want the best quality you don't need to pass any special options, youtube-dl will guess it for you by default. But sometimes you may want to download in a different format, for example when you are on a slow or intermittent connection.

November 23, 2019

Scan Barcode QR Code From Webcam & Image File in Linux

ZBar bar code reader/scanner. Software to Scan Barcode + QR Code From Webcam & Image File in Linux named ZBar. With ZBar you can decode barcode from file, decode barcode from webcam. Inspite of barcode you can also decode QR code from web camera also. This article will inform to you how to install ZBar and review about it.

Scan Barcode + QR Code From Webcam & Image File in Linux

ZBar - Bar Code Reader program is an open source software suite for reading bar codes from various sources, such as video streams, image files and raw intensity sensors. It supports EAN-13/UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and QR Code. These are the Python bindings for the library.

The flexible, layered implementation facilitates bar code scanning and decoding for any application: use it stand-alone with the included GUI and command line programs, easily integrate a bar code scanning widget into your Qt, GTK+ or PyGTK GUI application, leverage one of the script or programming interfaces (Python, Perl, C++) ...all the way down to a streamlined C library suitable for embedded use.

How to Install Zbar - Barcode, QR Code Reader for Linux Desktop

ZBar have been added to linux repository so that you can install directly from software center or you can install ZBar from Terminal by executing these:
sudo apt-get install zbar-tools
Wait until installation completed. You can't open ZBar after install because it is a Terminal based applications.

ZBar Review - Software to Scan Barcode QR Code From Camera

Because of its great function, ZBar is used by many platform. It is command line based tool, very lighweight. The facilities as follow:
  1. cross platform - Linux/Unix, Windows, iPhone®, embedded...
  2. high speed - real time scanning from video streams
  3. small memory footprint
  4. small code size - the core scanner and EAN decoder represent under 1K lines of C code
  5. not limited to images
  6. no floating point operations
  7. suitable for embedded applications using inexpensive processors/hardware
  8. modular components can be used together or separately

How to Scan Barcode / QR Code in Linux Using ZBar

We will practice to scan QR code generated from this trial (you can make a trial too or use the QR code image below to scan):
scan barcode linux barcode scan linux scan qr code linux
Save QR code above as "test.png" to follow this experiment!
ZBar has some command to decode QR code or barcode as follow:
  1. man zbarimg  or  man zbarcam , used to show ZBar manual
  2. zbarimg --help  or  zbarcam --help , used to show ZBar help
  3. zbarimg --version atau zbarcam --version , used to show ZBar installed version
Go to directory where to save the "test.png" file, right click on the blank area and choose "Open in Terminal" , then decode it by typing zbarimg test.png -- You will see result as follow
decode barcode in linux decode barcode linux scan barcode linux barcode scan linux scan qr code linux

December 1, 2018

PDFTOPPM Software to Convert PDF to Image in Linux

PDFTOPPM Software to Convert PDF to Image (JPG, PNG) in Linux. How to create image from PDF file for each page in Linux using PDFTOPPM a command line based program. This article will show you how to install PDFTOPPM and review about it.

PDFTOPPM Software to Convert PDF to Image in Linux

You can convert any PDF file to image using Terminal with PDFTOPPM. With pdftoppm you can converts any Portable Document Format (PDF) files to color image files in Portable Pixmap (PPM) format, grayscale image files in Portable Graymap (PGM) format, or monochrome image files in Portable Bitmap (PBM) format.

The Pdftoppm stand for Portable Document Format (PDF) to Portable Pixmap (PPM) converter which allow you to read the PDF file, PDF-file, and writes one PPM file for each page, PPM-root-nnnnnn.ppm, where nnnnnn is the page number.

Most Important PDFTOPPM Parameters

-f number
Specifies the first page to convert.

-l number
Specifies the last page to convert.

Generates a PNG file instead a PPM file.

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How to Install PDFTOPPM in Linux

PDFTOPPM is available through software channel or repository. You can install it from Software Center or using Terminal by typing these command.
sudo apt-get install pdftoppm
You can use PDFTOPPM after install by calling pdftoppm with parameter since it is a Terminal based application.

How to Convert PDF to PNG/ JPG in Linux

For converting PDF to jpg file in Linux, you need to convert the PDF to JPG first using pdftoppm. Then you need to open the GIMP and export it to JPG and done! This is the command to create PNG file from PDF file.
pdftoppm -png input.pdf output
Note: if the PDF contain 4 pages, you will have the numbered image file called output-1.png, output-2.png, ..., output-4.png depend on how many pages the PDF.

The final step, if you want to convert the PNG to JPG, open GIMP by clicking Start/Menu >> Graphics >> GIMP Image Editor
Open the PNG file in GIMP then export it by clicking GIMP menu: File >> Export as >> select JPG on file type. Done!

PDFTOPPM Review - Software to Convert PDF to Image in Linux

PDFTOPPM is the best tool for converting PDF to PNG or JPG or bitmap or PPM image format in Linux. This tool is easy to use and lighweight also fast conversion process because all things run on Terminal.

This software capable to convert every each page of PDF to PNG perfectly.

October 9, 2018

Tesseract OCR Optical Character Recognition for Linux

Tesseract OCR Optical Character Recognition Software for Linux whicn run in Terminal with command -command line OCR tool. If have scanned document of ebooks, journal, or papers and want to convert the scanner picture to text file you should you use Tesseract OCR.

The Optical Character Recognition software, Tesseract OCR perform better for converting image from scanned ebook paper into txt file.

So I would like to know the recommended Optical Character Recognition softwares for Linux is Tesseract OCR which is available for free.

Tesseract OCR Optical Character Recognition for Linux

The best Optical Character Recognition Softwares is Tesseract OCR. Definition of OCR is a technology that allows you to convert scanned images of text into plain text. This enables you to save space, edit the text and search/index it.

Tesseract OCR is the most accurate, under Linux now they lack graphical interface (GUI), which is a very important usability feature for a typical desktop user.

The current version of Tesseract in the Ubuntu repository is a command-line-only tool. After successful installation, the command to use is tesseract <path to image> <basename of output file>. Tesseract will automatically give the output file a .txt extension. If you have installed the language specific data files from one of the tesseract-ocr-??? packages, you can give an -l option followed by the language code.

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How to Install Tesseract OCR for Linux and How to Use It

Tesseract OCR is available on linux repository, you can install Tesseract OCR by typing these command:
sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr
#How to Use Tesseract OCR in Linux
Below is an example of Tesseract OCR usage from Terminal:
If you have scanned book named with ScannedBook.png then you can convert the image to text by typing:
tesseract ScannedBook.png output
Will produce a file called output.txt

Tesseract OCR Review in Linux

Tesseract is probably the most accurate open source OCR engine available. Combined with the Leptonica Image Processing Library it can read a wide variety of image formats and convert them to text in over 60 languages.

It was one of the top 3 engines in the 1995 UNLV Accuracy test. Between 1995 and 2006 it had little work done on it, but since then it has been improved extensively by Google. It is released under the Apache License 2.0.

Tesseract was originally designed to recognize English text only. Efforts have been made to modify the engine and its training system to make them able to deal with other languages and UTF-8 characters. Tesseract 3.0 can handle any Unicode characters (coded with UTF-8), but there are limits as to the range of languages that it will be successful with, so please take this section into account before building up your hopes that it will work well on your particular language!

Tesseract 3.01 added top-to-bottom languages, and Tesseract 3.02 added Hebrew (right-to-left). Tesseract currently handles scripts like Arabic with an auxiliary engine called cube (included in Tesseract 3.0+)

NOTES: If you are not familiar with command using linux Terminal, you should install YAGF --the GUI for Tesseract OCR.

April 14, 2017

Multiple Image to PDF Converter Software in Linux

Do you want to convert bulk images into one PDF document in Linux? Convert JPG to PDF in Linux please read completely this article called "Multiple Image to Single PDF Converter Software in Linux" using convert command from ImageMagick Studio LLC.

Converting bulk image format into one single PDF can be done by simple program using Linux Terminal. You can combine any image into single PDF automatically sorted by name. So if you want your photo converted sequentially you need to rename it ascendingly.

Convert Images to Single PDF

This linux program to create PDF from image called "convert". Convert is small and simple software from ImageMagic used to convert all image together into single file of PDF.

ImageMagick is a command line Terminal program in Linux which is capable of so many more batch operations than this - resizing, compressing, format converting - and it's available on all platforms - Linux, Windows and Mac.

Creating a PDF document from multiple JPEG/JPG/PNG images file can take some time and you may want to try different settings for size and quality of output, so we suggest you make a copy of the JPEG files in a temporary folder to play around with and use Imagemagick on those, NOT your originals. Reducing the resolution as a first step will also make things much quicker.

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How to Combine Multiple Image Into Single PDF in Linux ?

Here is the way co combine bulk image to PDF by converting them into single file in PDF format. After PDF output you can distribute it or convert it into any document you want such as odt, docx, and many more. Follow these steps to convert multiple image into single PDF:
  1. Create a folder, and copy your image you want to convert into that created folder.
  2. Right click inside the folder on the blank area, and select "Open in Terminal"
  3. Now converting process, type in your terminal convert *.png outfile.pdf
  4. Wait until process finished. You will have a new PDF file called outputfile.pdf
  5. NOTE: you can use convert *.* ouputfile.pdf instead for converting any image format into single pdf file. Have a try!
  6. Also you can use this convert *.png -gravity South -annotate 0 '%f' outputfile.pdf

December 6, 2015

Browse Website With Linux Command Line Web Browser Elinks

Browse Website Using Linux Command Line Web Browser called ELINKS. With this command line web browser for Linux you can open website very fast. Read here how to use Terminal to browse any website Linux!

Linux Command Line Web Browser Using Elinks

ELinks is an advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode web (HTTP/FTP/..) browser. ELinks can render both frames and tables, is highly customizable and can be extended via Lua or Guile scripts. It is quite portable and runs on many platforms including Linux operating system from Terminal.

Many people would like to have a bookmark system with categories (note that ELinks already supports that, marketing name Hierarchical bookmarks), and also to be able to view them and search for them in an HTML page. I have written an alternative bookmark system (for ELinks), which some people may like better than the standard bookmark system.

ELinks uses neither (n)curses nor termcap/terminfo, so unless you are using a terminal that is known by ELinks and have a built-in configuration (see below for a list), it might be required that you do a little configuring of how your terminal should be handled. The easiest way to do this is by using the Terminal Options dialog located in the Setup submenu of the Main menu.

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How to Install ELINKS, The Web Browser on Terminal

Installing ELinks should be pretty easy on most systems. For Linux, you only need to open Terminal and start to type:
sudo apt-get install elinks

Wait until installation completed. Now you can open ELinks after install by clicking Start Menu >> Internet >> ELinks Web Browser, or simply you can open it using Terminal and execute ELinks web browser from Terminal by typing:
The main window will appear such as image above. Try to open then hit enter. It will show text only for user to read the information.

Review for ELinks Command Line Web Browser on Linux

This web browser program for Linux to open website on Terminal is quiet good and very fast because it is load text only. No multimedia or picture will be loaded by default.

For you who need text only browser, ELinks is good choice for you. Have a try!

December 1, 2015

Genisoimage Software to Create ISO From Folder in Linux

Genisoimage Software to Create ISO From File or Folder in Linux. Genisoimage is a free linux software to make iso image file from Terminal, a pre-mastering program. This guide will help you how to install Genisoimage and Genisoimage review as a free software to make an iso file for Linux.

With Genisoimage you can generate ISO9660/Joliet/HFS hybrid filesystems. Genisoimage takes a snapshot of a given directory tree, and generates a binary image which will correspond to an ISO9660 and/or HFS filesystem when written to a block device.

How to Install Genisoimage in Linux

Genisoimage is the best software to create iso image from file or folder in Linux Terminal. You can install Genisoimage by executing:
sudo apt-get install genisoimage

Creating an ISO Image From Folder Using Genisoimage

To create a vanilla ISO9660 filesystem image of directory:
genisoimage -o outputname.iso foldername
Another genisoimage example:
genisoimage -r -J -o outputname.iso foldername
The -r and -J ensures long file names work for Unix (using Rock Ridge) and Windows (using Joliet extensions) respectively.

You need to populate files you want to make iso into a folder.

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If you are Linux Mint users, you can right click the blank area where the folder you want to make an iso file exist, then choose "Open in Terminal".

GenIsoImage Review as  A Software to Make ISO Image File

Now it is easy to create iso file because of the best software to create iso file from folder, Genisoimage.

Genisoimage can generate the System Use Sharing Protocol records (SUSP) specified by the Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol. This is used to further describe the files in the ISO9660 filesystem to a Unix host, and provides information such as long filenames, UID/GID, POSIX permissions, symbolic links, and block and character device files.

If Joliet or HFS hybrid command line options are specified, genisoimage will create the additional filesystem metadata needed for Joliet or HFS. Otherwise genisoimage will generate a pure ISO9660 filesystem.