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November 30, 2015

LibreOffice Math Software to Write Math Formula in Linux

LibreOffice Math - Equivalent Software for Microsoft Equation in Linux. LibreOffice Math Software to Write Math Formula in Linux. This will guide how to install LibreOffice Math, review and features. Have you inserted a math formula in MS Word? You can insert math formula too in Linux with LibreOffice Math.

LibreOffice Math Software to Write Math Formula in Linux

LibreOffice Math is a linux application which can insert perfectly-formatted mathematical and scientific formulas in Linux and Windows too. Your formulas can include a wide range of elements, from fractions, terms with exponents and indices, integrals, and mathematical functions, to inequalities, systems of equations, and matrices.

LibreOffice Math is a part of LibreOffice - the office suite for Linux which contain Writer, Calc, Base, Presentation, and Math.

How to Install LibreOffice Math in Linux

For Linux Mint user, the LibreOffice suite package has been installed. You can open it by clicking Start/Menu >> Education >> LibreOffice Math, also you can open it by clicking Start/Menu >> Office >> LibreOffice Math

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Review LibreOffice Math for Linux

Math has a clean and approachable interface that permits anyone to work with the intuitive formula language, since code-programming skills are not required. Moreover, the help documentation settles any unclear aspects.

The User Interface's elements are fully customizable, including keyboard shortcuts for any command. Undoing and redoing actions is possible. Formula files can be easily attached to documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations. At the same time, Math can be called from Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw.

How to Type Science Equations in LibreOffice Writer ?

You should open your Writer then insert math formula through Insert >> Object >> Formula....
After opening that menu, you will see Math popped up, start by typing your math formula here.
Rare condition: How to import equations from math to writer? NO WAY! But you can do a trick as follow:
This may not be the most optimum way, but it should allow you to insert a formula without too much difficulty.
  1. In Math, copy the formula (from the editor section);
  2. In Writer, position the cursor where you want to insert the formula, then go to the menu Insert >> Object >> Formula... and then paste your formula.

Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot

Best FREE Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot. How to install KmPlot in Linux, review KmPlot will be explained here. KmPlot is a Linux software to draw cartesian plot, parametric plot, polar plot, implicit plot, and differential plot in Linux.

Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot

KmPlot is a program to draw graphs, their integrals or derivatives. It supports different systems of coordinates like the Cartesian or the polar coordinate system. The graphs can be colorized and the view is scalable, so that you are able to zoom to the level you need.

Features of KmPlot - Linux Application to Plot Math Function

  1. Powerful mathematical parser
  2. Precise metric printing
  3. Different plot types, such as:
    • cartesian
    • parametric
    • polar
    • implicit
    • differential
  1. Highly configurable visual settings (plot line, axes, grid)
  2. Export to bitmap (BMP and PNG) and scalable vector graphics (SVG)
  3. Save/load complete session in readable xml format
  4. Trace mode: cross hair following plot, coordinates shown in the status bar
  5. Support zooming
  6. Ability to draw the 1st and 2nd derivative and the integral of a plot function
  7. Support user defined constants and parameter values
  8. Various tools for plot functions:
    • Find minimum/maximum point
    • Get y-value and draw the area between the function and the y-axis
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Review KmPlot As Mathematical Function Plotter in Linux Software

KmPlot has built in a powerful parser. High precision printouts with correct metric scale are very useful as worksheets in math and science lessons.

It can plot different functions simultaneously and combine their function terms to build new functions. It supports functions with parameters. You can change the parameters by moving a slider and see how the plot will change.

How to Install KmPlot Cartesian Plotter for Linux

Fortunately, Linux Mint and Ubuntu user can install directly from Terminal by typing :
sudo apt-get install kmplot
Wait until installation complete. Now you can open KmPlot after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Education >> KmPlot. For your example you can draw a math diagram by entering rf(x)=x and see the result as above.

That is Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot as mathematical software in Linux!

Math Graphing Calculator Apps for Linux With Kalgebra

Math Graphing Calculator Software for Linux With Kalgebra. This article will explain how to install Kalgebra in Linux and Review Kalgebra. Using linux application called Kalgebra you can do a math drills plotting coordinate points in Linux, representate 2D and 3D graphs in mathematic easily.

Math Graphing Calculator Apps for Linux With Kalgebra

Kalgebra developed by Aleix Pol Gonzalez and released under GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2. KAlgebra is a MathML-based graph calculator. Besides it was initially mathml oriented now it can be used by everyone with little mathematic knowledge.

Review Kalgebra - Mat Expression Solver and Plotter for Linux

KAlgebra uses an intuitive algebraic syntax, similar to those used on modern graphing calculators. User-entered expressions are converted to MathML in the background, then Kalgebra solve it or plotting it as your need. Kalgebra has four views such as Console, 2D Graph, 3D Graph, and Dictionary.

math graphing calculator free equation plotter calculator math graphing coordinates with pictures math drills plotting coordinate points plotting math definition math drills plotting points math drills plotting coordinates

The dictionary includes a comprehensive list of all built-in functions in KAlgebra. Functions can be looked up with parameters, examples, formulas and sample plots. Over 100 functions and operations are currently supported.

KAlgebra is rooted in the Mathematical Markup Language (MathML); however, one does not need to know MathML to use KAlgebra.

How to Install Kalgebra in Linux - 2D and 3D Math Coordinate Plotter

For Linux Mint user and Ubuntu, you can install Kalgebra directly using Terminal by executing this command:
sudo apt-get install kalgebra
Wait until installation completed. Now you can open Kalgebra after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Education >> Kalgebra then Kalgebra window will appear.
As an example, click on the "3D Graph" and then type by following the Enter these command:

Commands and Functions Supported by Kalgebra

With Kalgebra you can take benefits of using these command to make your work easier. Algebra common functions are: plus, times, minus, divide, quotient, power, root, factorial, and, or, xor, not, gcd, lcm, rem, factorof, max, min, lt, gt, eq, neq, leq, geq, implies, approx, abs, floor, ceiling, sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot, sinh, cosh, tanh, sech, csch, coth, arcsin, arccos, arctan, arccot, arccosh, arccsc, arccsch, arcsec, arcsech, arcsinh, arctanh, exp, ln, log, sum, product, diff, card, scalarproduct, selector, union, forall, exists, map, filter, transpose. How to use these function please refer to Kalgebra Handbook.

Running Matlab Command in Linux Using GNU Octave

Linux Software to run Matlab Command? GNU Octave is the best free one! This Linux article will explain how to install GNU Octave in Linux, review GNU octave. Running Matlab Command in Linux Using GNU Octave can be done easily with this application.

Running Matlab Command in Linux Using GNU Octave

GNU Octave matlab compatibility will understand your Matlab command and this app become the best Matlab alternative in Linux. GNU Octave language is quite similar to Matlab so that most programs are easily portable and become Matlab Replacement for Linux, Mac and Windows.

GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language which help your numerical computations. GNU Octave provides capabilities for the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear problems, and for performing other numerical experiments.

This Linux Software can solve common numerical linear algebra problems, finding the roots of nonlinear equations, integrating ordinary functions, manipulating polynomials, and integrating ordinary differential and differential-algebraic equations.

Matlab alternative for Linux using GNU Octave provides an intuitive command-line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical experiments using a language that is mostly compatible with Matlab.

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How to Install GNU Octave as Matlab Alternative in Linux

GNU Octave has been added to Linux repository so you can install it using Terminal by typing this code:
sudo apt-get install octave
Now you can run GNU Octave after installation by clicking Menu/Start >> Education >> GNU Octave

Review GNU Octave in Linux

GNU Octave provide Matlab functionalities and it is the best application for Matlab alternative in Linux. You can try to run Matlab in Linux Terminal using GNU Octave with result as above by typing these command in GNU Octave.
[x,y,z] = peaks(30);
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Math Software Linux to Solve Algebra Calculus Geometry

FREE Math Software Linux to Solve Algebra Calculus Geometry with GeoGebra as Education Software for Linux. If you are looking Linux application to study geometry, linear algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, calculus also statistic in Linux then GeoGebra is the solution!

Math Software Linux to Solve Algebra Calculus Geometry

GeoGebra is a best free alternative software for Microsoft Math and Algebra Solver in Linux.

What is GeoGebra ?

GeoGebra is a Linux, Mac, and Windows application that provide dynamic mathematics software, supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and innovations in teaching and learning worldwide.

GeoGebra is the best and free software especially for Algebra and Geometry, have benefits as follow:
  1. Geometry, Algebra and Spreadsheet are connected and fully dynamic
  2. Easy-to-use interface, yet many powerful features
  3. Authoring tool to create interactive learning materials as web pages
  4. Available in many languages for our millions of users around the world
  5. Open source software freely available for non-commercial users

Review GeoGebra ~ An Algebra Software for Linux

GeoGebra makes a link between geometry and algebra in an entirely new, visual way - students can finally see, touch, and experience math. GOOD material resources for student and teacher available online and it's FREE. GeoGebra easy to use with friendly interface, you can visit GeoGebra tutorials here and join the GeoGebra Forum. Course and resource material online visit this.

FREE Math Software Linux to Solve Algebra Calculus Geometry with GeoGebra algebra software linux linear algebra software linux linux computer algebra software

How to Install GeoGebra in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

For Linux Mint users can download and install directly from the GeoGebra installer. Follow these eteps for detail:
  1. Visit GeoGebra website here and select "More GeoGebra downloads"
  2. Please find the Linux section on that page, then select 64 bit or 32 bit installers for .deb based systems (Debian, Ubuntu)
  3. After download complete, double click the installer and choose "Install Package"
  4. Wait until finished, you can open the GeoGebra in Linux using Start/Menu >> Education >> GeoGebra
  5. Done!
GeoGebra also available online! So if you don't want install anything visit GeoGebra site and start your home work. If you are Google Chrome user, you can install GeoGebra Chrome Extension.