June 5, 2016

Onboard Keyboard on Screen in Linux Mint

Onboard Keyboard on Screen in Linux Mint --There is a on screen keyboard software for Linux called "Onboard".

Onboard is cool and useful Linux program to show the keyboard on your screen. If your keyboard hang up suddenly and you need to type quickly then the "Onboard" is great choice.

How to Install Onboard (The Keyboard On Screen for Linux) ?

You can install Onboard directly from your Terminal or using Software Manager. From Software Manager you need to search the "onboard" then install as usual.

Meanwhile if you are using Terminal, you can install Onboard by typing this command below :
sudo apt-get install onboard

Wait until installation completed, and now you can open on screen keyboard for Linux by clicking Menu >> Universal Access >> Onboard.

You will see a keyboard on your window like these (maybe show the dark theme)

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Try to customize the theme preference by clicking on the bottom right corner (three horizontal line) to show the "Onboard Preference" --Click on the "Theme" and select the theme you want.

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On Screen Keyboard for Linux Mint ?

Yes! Linux Mint can natively display the virtual keyboard by little configuration as we will explain below:

Enable On Screen Keyboard ( Virtual Keyboard ) in Linux Mint 16/17/18 Cinnamon.

  1. To enable On-screen Keyboard, go to the cinnamon settings and launch the applets. Click Start Menu >> Preferences >> Applets >> add Accessibility to Panel
  2. See your Panel, see your Accessibility icon and the click on "Screen Keyboard" to display on screen keyboard on Linux Mint. This a native keyboard, you can not customize the theme.

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Onboard Keyboard on Screen in Linux Mint
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