January 9, 2015

Linux Mint Cinnamon Download and Overview

Linux Mint Cinnamon Download and Overview. Download latest version of Linux Mint Cinnamon here! Cinnamon is a desktop environment based on GTK+ 3 initially in 2011 by Linux Mint team and available for Linux Mint start from version 13 codenamed Maya.

Since GNOME Shell was going in a different direction than the Mint developers had in mind, it was clear that MGSE was not viable in the long run. In response to this problem, GNOME Shell was forked to create the Cinnamon project, allowing the Linux Mint developers better control over the development process and to implement their own vision of the GNOME interface for use in future releases of Linux Mint.

Cinnamon Is Customizable

Cinnamon can be modified by themes, applets, panel, and extensions. Themes can customize the look of aspects of Cinnamon, including but not limited to the menu, panel, calendar and run dialog. Applets are icons or texts that appear on the panel. Five applets are shipped by default, and developers are free to create their own. Extensions can modify the functionalities of Cinnamon, such as providing a dock or altering the look of the Alt-Tab window switcher.

Linux Mint Cinnamon Download and Overview
Linux Mint Cinnamon Download and Overview

Image above (click to enlarge) is sample Cinnamon Desktop with Linux Mint 17.1 using Numix Circle Light theme, harmattan Transparent and Docky .

Cinnamon Features:

The Cinnamon in Linux Mint provides many features as follow:
  • Desktop effects, including animations and transition effects;
  • Panels equipped with a main menu, launchers, a window list and the system tray can be adjusted on left, right, upper or lower edge of the screen
  • Various extensions;
  • Applets that appear on the panel
  • Overview with functions similar to that in GNOME Shell; and
  • Settings editor for easy customization. It can customize: The panel, The calendar, Themes, Desktop effects, Applets, Extensions

Linux Mint Cinnamon Download

Here is links to download Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.1 Rebecca
  • I will update the version into latest release when available
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon no codecs refer to a Linux Mint version without multimedia support. For magazines, companies and distributors in the USA, Japan and countries where the legislation allows patents to apply to software and distribution of restricted technologies may require the acquisition of 3rd party licenses.


Linux Mint Cinnamon Download and Overview
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