December 1, 2018

PeaZIP Linux Archiver Program Equivalent to Winrar WinZip

PeaZIP Linux Archiver Program Equivalent to Winrar WinZip! This is free alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar software utilities. This is an open source to unrar or unzip archived files for Linux. How to extract or open 7Z BZ2 GZ ISO RAR TAR ZIP ZIPX file on Linux?. Simply you can open that file type using Linux software called PeaZip.

PeaZIP Linux Archiver Program Equivalent to Winrar WinZip

The PeaZip is a Linux program which is equivalent to WinRAR or WinZip on Windows. For Linux user you can use PeaZip or Archive Manager to handle archived file type.

PeaZip is a free archiver and file manager utility, based on solid and proven Open Source technology of 7-Zip and other great Open Source tools (like FreeARC, PAQ, UPX...) for supporting additional file formats and features, in order to provide an all purpose zip utility featuring a powerful unified GUI that, unlike most of other classic file archivers like i.e. WinZip and WinRar, is natively portable and cross-platform, being available for computers or tablets running 32 bit and 64 bit Windows (9x, NT/2K/XP, Vista/7/8/10, ReactOS), Linux or BSD x86 and x86-64 (desktop neutral application, supports Gnome, KDE and other desktop environments).

PeaZip is free software, under Open Source license LGPLv3, and it is free of charge for any use (personal and professional, business or governament), modification, and distribution, without "expiration date" or "trial" limitations.

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Full support: 7z, FreeArc's arc/wrc, sfx (7z and arc), bz2, gz, paq/lpaq/zpaq, pea, quad/balz/bcm, split, tar, upx, wim, zip

Which File Type Can Be Opened by PeaZip ?

PeaZip support 150+ type of compressed file type. How to open these file on Linux, PeaZip is the answer: 7z,  Google Android's apk, bz, bz2, bzip2, tbz2, tbz, gz, gzip, tgz, tpz, tar, zip, zipx, z01, smzip, arj, cab, chm, chi, chq, chw, hxs, hxi, hxr, hxq, hxw, lit, cpio, deb, lzh, lha, rar, r01, 00, rpm, z, taz, tz, iso, Java (jar, ear, war), pet, pup, pak, pk3, pk4, slp, [Content], xpi, wim, u3p, lzma86, lzma, udf, xar, Apple's dmg, hfs, part1, split, swm, tpz, kmz, xz, txz, vhd, mslz, apm, mbr, fat, ntfs, exe, dll, sys, msi, msp, Open Office / Libre Office (ods, ots, odm, oth, oxt, odb, odf, odg, otg, odp, otp, odt, ott), gnm, Microsoft Office (doc, dot, xls, xlt, ppt, pps, pot, docx, dotx, xlsx, xltx), Flash (swf, flv), quad, balz, bcm, zpaq, paq8f, paq8jd, paq8l, paq8o, lpaq1, lpaq5, lpaq8, ace, arc, wrc, 001, pea, cbz, cbr, cba, cb7, cbt (and more...)

How to Install PeaZip, A Linux Program to Create and Unpack Archive

You can install PeaZip by installing it manually because it is not available in Software Center in Linux Mint. Follow these steps to install:
  1. Download PeaZip installer from its official website, click here (file is deb suffix)
  2. Double click downloaded file to install, and click "Install package" button to start installation
  3. Wait until installation completed! Now you can open PeaZip from Start Menu >> Administration >> PeaZip

PeaZip Review as WinZip WinRAR Alternative

PeaZip also become alternative for Linux. The pros for PeaZip is the user interface looks so good but it is slower than File Roller Archive Manager.

Dou you have any favorite apps to open rar, tar, gz or zip file in Linux Mint? Please tell using comment box that we have provided below!

June 5, 2016

Onboard Keyboard on Screen in Linux Mint

Onboard Keyboard on Screen in Linux Mint --There is a on screen keyboard software for Linux called "Onboard".

Onboard is cool and useful Linux program to show the keyboard on your screen. If your keyboard hang up suddenly and you need to type quickly then the "Onboard" is great choice.

How to Install Onboard (The Keyboard On Screen for Linux) ?

You can install Onboard directly from your Terminal or using Software Manager. From Software Manager you need to search the "onboard" then install as usual.

Meanwhile if you are using Terminal, you can install Onboard by typing this command below :
sudo apt-get install onboard

Wait until installation completed, and now you can open on screen keyboard for Linux by clicking Menu >> Universal Access >> Onboard.

You will see a keyboard on your window like these (maybe show the dark theme)

on screen keyboard arch linux best on screen keyboard linux virtual on-screen keyboard linux disable on screen keyboard linux on screen keyboard di linux linux on screen keyboard raspberry pi linux on screen keyboard command linux on screen keyboard kde linux on screen keyboard touch screen linux on screen keyboard login linux automatic on screen keyboard bodhi linux on screen keyboard

Try to customize the theme preference by clicking on the bottom right corner (three horizontal line) to show the "Onboard Preference" --Click on the "Theme" and select the theme you want.

on screen keyboard linux mint on screen keyboard linux mint 17 on-screen keyboard linux ubuntu on screen keyboard linux debian on screen keyboard linux download on screen keyboard linux mint 18 on screen keyboard linux mint xfce on screen keyboard linux puppy on screen keyboard linux fedora on screen keyboard for linux free download

On Screen Keyboard for Linux Mint ?

Yes! Linux Mint can natively display the virtual keyboard by little configuration as we will explain below:

Enable On Screen Keyboard ( Virtual Keyboard ) in Linux Mint 16/17/18 Cinnamon.

  1. To enable On-screen Keyboard, go to the cinnamon settings and launch the applets. Click Start Menu >> Preferences >> Applets >> add Accessibility to Panel
  2. See your Panel, see your Accessibility icon and the click on "Screen Keyboard" to display on screen keyboard on Linux Mint. This a native keyboard, you can not customize the theme.

May 23, 2016

No Multimedia Codec Linux Mint 18 + How to Install It

No Multimedia Codec For Linux Mint 18 + How to Install It? Please know that Linux Mint 18 drops multimedia codec for their ISO image based on Linux Mint Monthly News.

Multimedia codec is very important features for some people to play audio and video file format on Linux such as play mp3, dat, avi on Linux Mint. Unfortunately the developer of Linux Mint looks like follow the Linux Mint package based (Ubuntu) in order not to include the multimedia codec into their ISO image.

How to Install Multimedia Codecs on Linux Mint 18

The Linux Mint team decide not to release any DVD ISO image but similar to Ubuntu that will shipped without multimedia codecs. Don't worry you can install multimedia codec your self on Linux Mint by following ways:
  1. From the welcome screen, by clicking on “Multimedia Codecs”
  2. or from the main menu, by clicking on “Start Menu” >> ”Sound and Video” >> ”Install Multimedia Codecs”
  3. or during the installation process, by clicking a checkbox option.
So you still can play mp3 file during the live session from DVD. For your information, if you have a problem with Asus laptop with Linux Mint, now on Linux Mint 18 everything will work perfectly.

Please note that Linux Mint 18 (that will be released on June 2016) brings many software changes based on xapps :
  • A media player based on totem, called xplayer.
  • A text editor based on pluma, called xed.
  • A picture viewer based on eog, called xviewer.
  • A document reader based on atril, called xreader.
Also Linux Mint bring new theme: the old theme called Mint-X meanwhile this new release will be named to Mint-Y which is provide the dark and light theme. You can see the Mint-Y theme below:
install multimedia codecs linux install multimedia codecs arch linux how to install multimedia codecs in linux linux mint install multimedia codecs

Linux Mint 18 may satisfy their user and bring new innovation to the desktop operating system from freedom came elegance! Screenshot above show that Linux Mint 18 Sarah will beauty and fast enough.

April 14, 2016

Multiple Image to Single PDF Converter Software in Linux

Do you want to convert bulk images into one PDF document in Linux? Convert JPG to PDF in Linux please read completely this article called "Multiple Image to Single PDF Converter Software in Linux" using convert command from ImageMagick Studio LLC.

Converting bulk image format into one single PDF can be done by simple program using Linux Terminal. You can combine any image into single PDF automatically sorted by name. So if you want your photo converted sequentially you need to rename it ascendingly.

This linux program to create PDF from image called "convert". Convert is small and simple software from ImageMagic used to convert all image together into single file of PDF.

ImageMagick is a command line Terminal program in Linux which is capable of so many more batch operations than this - resizing, compressing, format converting - and it's available on all platforms - Linux, Windows and Mac.

Creating a PDF document from multiple JPEG/JPG/PNG images file can take some time and you may want to try different settings for size and quality of output, so we suggest you make a copy of the JPEG files in a temporary folder to play around with and use Imagemagick on those, NOT your originals. Reducing the resolution as a first step will also make things much quicker.

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How to Combine Multiple Image Into Single PDF in Linux ?

Here is the way co combine bulk image to PDF by converting them into single file in PDF format. After PDF output you can distribute it or convert it into any document you want such as odt, docx, and many more. Follow these steps to convert multiple image into single PDF:
  1. Create a folder, and copy your image you want to convert into that created folder.
  2. Right click inside the folder on the blank area, and select "Open in Terminal"
  3. Now converting process, type in your terminal convert *.png outfile.pdf
  4. Wait until process finished. You will have a new PDF file called outputfile.pdf
  5. NOTE: you can use convert *.* ouputfile.pdf instead for converting any image format into single pdf file. Have a try!
  6. Also you can use this convert *.png -gravity South -annotate 0 '%f' outputfile.pdf

February 22, 2016

AMD/ATI Catalyst Linux Driver Download (All Version)

AMD/ATI Catalyst Linux Driver Download (All Version)  --Download the AMD Radeon Software Linux (drivers for Radeon, FirePro, APU, desktops, laptops).

Before choosing a driver to download you need to determine if you need to install, reinstall, or update the current driver. The steps of driver installation depend on your software package, please see How to install Apps on Linux for clear tutorial of installation.

AMD/ATI Catalyst Linux Driver Download (All Version)

In Linux, you don't need to install new driver if you feel your current Linux run perfectly! Some times your Linux CPU temperature is too high, you need to inspect it caused by what? Most answer caused by the driver which is not properly configure. So here are some reasons to install or reinstall a display driver:
  1. New install or upgrade of the operating system
  2. Resolve display issues or error messages that may be related to missing/corrupt files associated with the driver

Here are some reasons to update an existing display driver:
  1. Confirm compatibility and functionality with a newly installed graphics card
  2. Support a newly installed software i.e.; 3D games, design/productivity applications, and plug-ins
  3. Obtain bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements.​
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NOTE:  If you previously install AMD ATI driver, please consider to uninstall the driver first then do an update for the driver. Updating the graphics driver is not required even though a newer version is available.  If there are no issues with the performance of your system, software, and graphics hardware, then updating the graphics driver is not recommended.

Now that the reasons to install/reinstall or update a graphics driver have been covered.  Let us explore the available methods for locating a compatible driver on the AMD website and understand when and why to use each method.

Where to Download AMD ATI Driver for Linux ?

All Linux version such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu has same flavor because Linux Mint derived from Ubuntu. Since Linux Mint has better looks it makes Linux Mint very popular for home and office daily use. Linux Mint offer a standard pre installed software that you need from the music multimedia to office suite, but it has standard driver which come by default.

You can install any AMD/ATI Linux Driver from here:

Please choose "Manually Select Your Driver" --you need to identify your hardware (graphic product and the type), then select the Linux version. That's very easy, here are some product from AMD ATI:
  • APU (Accelerated Processing Unit): These are processors that combine the CPU and the graphics processor (GPU) on a single chip.  APUs are commonly used in desktop PCs, mobile notebooks, and workstation systems.  The AMD A-Series APU is an example.
  • Desktop Graphics: This technology is commonly used in home desktop PCs.  The AMD Radeon™ HD series graphics cards are examples.
  • Notebook Graphics: This technology is typically used in notebooks/laptops.  The AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD series graphics cards are examples.
  • TV Tuner Products: This refers to devices that allow desktop computers and notebooks to receive live broadcast video and HDTV content.  AMD TV Wonder™ 750 series tuner cards are examples.
  • Workstation Graphics: Workstation graphics technology is commonly found in computers used for business purposes. They are designed for use in the Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC) and simulation markets. AMD FirePro™ series  graphics cards is an example.
  • Integrated Motherboard Graphics: These graphics components are integrated into the motherboard of a computer system.  The AMD Radeon™ HD4290 series graphics cards are examples.
  • Embedded Graphics: This graphics technology is found in products built to deliver the high performance of desktop graphics for embedded applications often found in smaller form or thin clients.  AMD 785E and AMD 780E graphics processors are examples.
  • MAC Graphics: These are graphics products used in MAC computers.  Apple Boot Camp drivers can be found in this product category.

Choose Linux Mint Mate or Cinnamon or XFCE or KDE ?

If you have to choose one, which one do you prefer.. .Should you Choose Linux Mint Mate or Cinnamon or XFCE or KDE ? Find the answer and comparison here!

Choose Linux Mint Mate or Cinnamon or XFCE or KDE ?

Todays Linux Mint distributed under the 32 bit and 64 bit version with different desktop environment version such as Cinnamon, Mate, KDE, and XFCE. When you need to install the Linux Mint which one you should choose?

Linux Mint Cinnamon vs MATE vs XFCE vs KDE

From their official website, we got some comparison point like this :
  1. MATE: Stable, robust, traditional
  2. XFCE: Light, simple, efficient
  3. Cinnamon : Sleek, modern, innovative
  4. KDE: Solid, full-featured, polished

1. Linux Mint MATE

Linux Mint MATE linux mint cinnamon mate xfce kde linux mint 17 cinnamon mate xfce linux mint cinnamon vs mate vs xfce linux mint cinnamon vs mate vs xfce vs kde linux mint 17 cinnamon mate kde xfce difference between linux mint cinnamon mate kde xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs xfce linux mint 17.3 mate vs cinnamon vs xfce linux mint 17.3 mate vs cinnamon vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs kde vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs kde vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs kde vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs kde vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs kde vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon vs mate vs kde vs xfce linux mint 17.3 cinnamon mate xfce linux mint cinnamon ou mate ou kde ou xfce

Linux Mint MATE is consuming a very low usage of memory. This is the best choice for programmer who run heavy program such as Android Studio, Eclipse, and soon which need to debug the developed apps.

2. Linux Mint XFCE

Linux Mint XFCE

XFCE version is suitable for old computer. This version using Panel and Start Menu looks like Windows XP in classic mode.

3. Linux Mint Cinnamon

Linux Mint Cinnamon

Cinnamon version offers animation, effect and thumbnail view looks like Windows 7/8, This is the best choice for daily usage for home and office because its interface similar to Windows 7 or 8. If you want an interface similar to Windows 10 then you have to choose the KDE version but it consuming much memory.

4. Linux Mint KDE

Linux Mint KDE

Linux Mint with KDE plasma is the best choice for computer or laptop with the high specification. We can say that this desktop environment looks like Windows 10, and for daily use we recommend you to use Cinnamon version for modern computer. Your Linux will run perfectly!

Linux Mint MATE, XFCE, Cinnaomn, KDE Memory Usage

We have some physical test with Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa with several version of desktop environment. We use a Samsung NP355V4X laptop for this quick testing. The result for Linux Mint 17.3 as follow :
linux mint cinnamon memory usage linux mint check memory usage linux mint high memory usage memory usage in linux mint linux mint kde memory usage linux mint mate memory usage linux mint 17 mate memory usage linux mint reduce memory usage linux mint show memory usage linux mint see memory usage linux mint view memory usage linux mint xfce memory usage linux mint 17 xfce memory usage linux mint 17.3 xfce memory usage


Linux Mint Mate is suitable for programmer who run big and heavy application. XFCE is suitable for old computer. The Cinnamon is suitable for daily use for todays computer. To use KDE please make sure you are using the high specification device!

February 21, 2016

SQLiteStudio - The SQLite Database Browser for Linux

SQLite Studio - The SQLite Database Browser for Linux. With SQLite Studio you can create, modify and delete SQLite database easily. How to install it on Linux Mint please read completely!

SQLite Studio is a handy tool that was designed in order to assist you in managing the contents of your SQLite databases. The user interface is simple and allows users to quickly create databases, tables, columns or triggers

SQLite Studio is also a simple SQLite database management tool. The tool will allow you to create, edit and delete SQLite databases. With this apps you can Manage Multiple SQLite Databases also do an unlimited SQL query.

download and install sqlitestudio linux mint and review sqlitestudio linux download sqlitestudio linux install sqlitestudio review on linux mint puppy linux sqlitestudio sqlitestudio linux sqlitestudio for linux

SQLite Studio Features

  1. Portable - no need to install or uninstall. Just download, unpack and run.
  2. Intuitive interface,
  3. Powerful, yet light and fast,
  4. All SQLite3 and SQLite2 features wrapped within simple GUI,
  5. Cross-platform - runs on Windows 9x/2k/XP/2003/Vista/7, Linux, MacOS X and should work on other Unixes (not tested yet).
  6. Exporting to various formats (SQL statements, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, JSON),
  7. Importing data from various formats (CSV, custom text files [regular expressions]),
  8. Numerous small additions, like formatting code, history of queries executed in editor windows, on-the-fly syntax checking, and more,
  9. Unicode support,
  10. Skinnable (interface can look native for Windows 9x/XP, KDE, GTK, Mac OS X, or draw widgets to fit for other environments, WindowMaker, etc),
  11. Configurable colors, fonts and shortcuts.
  12. Open source and free - Released under GPLv3 license.

How to Install SQLite Studio on Linux Mint

You can download and install this good software with latest version from its official website. Install instruction as follow:
  1. Download the application package Click Here. Choose the suitable package depend on your Linux system
  2. After download completed, you will have a tar.gz archived file (as an example sqlitestudio-3.0.0.tar.xz). Uncompress that file (right click the file and select "extract here")
  3. You will see new folder extracted from the file. Go to into the folder, and look up for file called sqlitestudio. Double click this file to run and boom you will see the SQLite Studio is running.
  4. Optional: you can also create a start menu entry so you don't need to locate the folder every time you want to run this Linux program.

SQLite Studio Review

The SQLite Studio is very useful and you can perform any database related task very easy! This program is better than the paid SQLite Manager IMO. This softwrae is not only free, but, it doesn't lock the file, which is important as I don't want to close the program when my test my app accessing the same file.

February 16, 2016

How to Check / Find MAC Address on Linux Mint

How to Check or Find MAC Address on Linux Mint? There are two methods to find your current MAC Address: First you can know MAC Address using ifconfig; Second you can find mac address linux without ifconfig.

What is MAC Adress ?

If you are connected to the network (both for local or internet) using cable you certainly have a device called NIC (Network Interface Card). And if you are connected using Wi-Fi device you also have the Wi-Fi device.

Every NIC has a hardware address that's known as a MAC, for Media Access Control. Where IP addresses are associated with TCP/IP (networking software), MAC addresses are linked to the hardware of network adapters.

A MAC address is given to a network adapter when it is manufactured. It is hardwired or hard-coded onto your computer's network interface card (NIC) and is unique to it. Something called the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) translates an IP address into a MAC address. The ARP is like a passport that takes data from an IP address through an actual piece of computer hardware.

Once again, that's hardware and software working together, IP addresses and MAC addresses working together.

How to Check / Find MAC Address on Linux Mint

The original MAC address can be found using the same technique the network card driver does -but you can find current MAC address using Terminal as follow:

Find MAC Address Using IFCONFIG

ifconfig is a small tool for Linux designed to show the current MAC address that you are using now. This tool is available by default on your system, and you can know your current MAC address by typing command ifconfig -a

You may have a result like this :
know mac address linux find mac address linux check mac address linux find mac address linux command line see mac address linux determine mac address linux find mac address linux mint check mac address linux command find mac address linux terminal find mac address linux without ifconfig find mac address linux command find mac address linux ubuntu find mac address linux fedora find mac address linux redhat find mac address linux server find mac address linux network find mac address linux vm check mac address linux centos find mac address linux machine know my mac address linux find out mac address linux find mac address arch linux find mac address on linux box mac address linux bash

Explanation :
  1. The eth0 is NIC (Network Interface Card) when your computer connected to a local network using a RJ-45 connector cable type. For my result above is inactive because i am using a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. The wlan0 show the MAC address used by Wi-Fi device. This is my current MAC address and you can show there is number n RX packets. Now we will check MAC address without ifconfig.

Find MAC Address Using ETHTOOL

ethtool is an alternative Linux apps for ifconfig, and you need to install it first to use.
How to install ethtool? You only need open your Terminal and type sudo apt-get install ethtool

How to run ethtool to know MAC address? You have to decide where device that MAC address number you want to know; Is your NIC card or Wi-Fi device ?

Open your Terminal and type ethtool -eth0 in order to know your MAC number on your NIC card
Or type ethtool -wlan0 in order to know the MAC address for the Wi-Fi device. That is very simple! Try to see that picture above you will see the same result of the MAC address from different MAC retrieval method.

February 15, 2016

How to Turn Off / Disable Automatic Updates Linux Mint

How to Turn Off / Disable Automatic Updates Linux Mint when computer start? Turning off automatic update on Linux Mint can be easily done with GUI mode using "Startup Application"

When you are working on 3G connection or slower speed, automatic system update which performed automatically by the system may cause spent many data usage. Also if you do not satisfy with automatic update you can disable the automatic update so when computer start your system will not check any new update from the internet.

And for some reason, another people love the automatic update to get notified of updates, particularly security updates. That is your choice if you want turn off Linux automatic update or not! If you believe it's important to stay up to date with the latest security patches, then you should keep it enabled!

automatic updates linux automatic updates linux mint automatic updates linux mint 17 disable automatic updates linux firefox automatic updates linux disable automatic updates linux mint automatic security updates linux turn off automatic updates linux linux automatic updates centos arch linux automatic updates amazon linux automatic updates automatic updates for linux how to disable automatic updates linux automatic updates in linux mint automatic updates in linux automatic time update in linux how to stop automatic updates in linux how to disable automatic updates in linux how to turn off automatic updates in linux oracle linux automatic updates

How to Turn Off / Disable Automatic Updates Linux Mint

Disabling automatic update can speed up your Linux system start up and also minimize the internet data usage. To disable automatic update on Linux Mint follow these steps :
  1. Go to Start Menu >> Preferences >> Startup Applications
  2. You will see an item called "mintUpdate" --turn off this guy and you are done! It is very simple

How to Enable Enable / Turn On Linux Mint Automatic Update

Again, for some reason you want to re-enabled your automatic update for your Linux Mint, you only need to make it active/enabled.

Go to your Start Menu >> Preferences >> Startup Applications and make the "mintUpdate" position to "ON".

Please note that by turning off automatic update you will not receive any notification update for the system also applications. By using this "Startup Applications" you can also manage startup application on Linux Mint. Disable all unwanted program to make your Linux Mint faster.